Award in English for Literacy and Language teaching (Level 3) Course


The Prize in British for Knowledge and Terminology Educating is a stage 3 certification, which is designed to create learners’ knowing of the British language and create their abilities in discussing and hearing, studying and composing British which can then be used in the teaching of literacy and language.

Who is it for?

Learners looking to create their knowing of the British language, such as verbal and published British, particularly with a perspective to implementing these abilities in the teaching of literacy and language.


The course is a stage 3 self moving course. You will be allocated a instructor to assist and assistance you through the course.

There are four models, each device is value 3 attributes and all 4 models must carried out obtain the certification.

The models are:

Analysing British language for literacy and language teaching

Learning outcomes:

Understand the link between types of language and meaning
Understand architectural functions of language
Reading abilities for literacy and language teaching

Learning outcomes:

Be able to study published text messages (for particular purposes)
Be able to react to published texts
Speaking and hearing abilities for literacy and language teaching

Learning outcomes:

Be able to existing information
Be able to pay attention and react to non verbal and verbal information
Writing abilities for literacy and language teaching

Learning outcomes:

Be able to get ready published texts
Be able to generate published texts
Under each device, you will need to finish the duties and projects to obtain the specifications.


Learners need to be at least 16 decades of age.

Career path

Successful students can improvement to other teaching credentials such as the Certification and Degree in Education and learning and Training


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